Chandler Blueberry

Yummy berries reach the size of cherries!

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Now THIS is what home gardening is all about -- giant berries, bursting with juicy-sweet nectar, ripening slowly so that you can enjoy fresh harvests for up to 2 months! Chandler is the best Blueberry we have grown in home gardens, with fruit the size of cherries and a vigorous growth pattern that makes it easy for even new gardeners!

These berries really are showstoppers, reaching an inch or more in diameter and nicely shaded by large, showy leaves. The flavor is rich and succulent -- a far cry from those hard, tasteless marbles the supermarkets pass off as "blueberries"! They arise very heavily in midsummer on dense, bushy plants 5 to 6 feet high and 4 to 6 feet wide. Unlike most Blueberry bushes, which tend to look a bit twiggy and sparse, Chandler is full, well leafed-out, and attractive even when not in bloom (that happens in spring) or fruiting!

Like all Blueberries, Chandler does best in acidic, peaty, moist soil exposed to full sunlight. It is shallow-rooted, so add about 6 inches of mulch (pine straw is ideal) when you plant. In late winter or early spring each year, cut away about a third of the oldest branches to make room for new growth and keep the fruit size large. (Doing this really makes a difference!) Grow at least 2 bushes for pollination, and if you want to grow Chandler alongside another type of Blueberries, all the better -- the cross-pollination benefits all the fruit!

Chandler is certain to sell out early, so please order TODAY to avoid disappointment. You'll be picking big bowlsful of berries before you know it -- and enjoying the bounty of this super-hardworking bush for many years to come! Zones 4-7. Cannot ship to CA, MI, OR, WA.