Galaxy Peach Tree

This Chinese Peach tree grows quickly and fruits heavily, even if you plant only one!

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Treat your garden and your taste buds to a gourmet delight with scrumptious "doughnut" peaches, the white-fleshed, slightly flattened fruit that's taking the nation by storm! Much larger and even more delicious than Saturn, Galaxy's huge fruit arises very abundantly on small, fast-growing trees so attractive they'd be valuable even without the fruit. This Peach is a must-have for the sunny garden!

The show begins in spring with this upright, well-branched little tree, when every stem is decorated with showy 1-inch pink blooms. After the flowers pass, the fruit begins to grow, maturing in early to midsummer. (You'll know it's ready when a light twist and tug pulls the fruit free easily from its stem!) Called doughnut or bagel peaches because of their flattish shape, they have succulent white flesh and the sweetest, most tender flavor available anywhere in the Peach family. A delicacy -- at your fingertips, year after year!

Like all Peaches, Galaxy grows quickly in full sun and normal to sandy soil. Hardy to -20 degrees F, it delivers at least 50 pounds of 3-inch-wide, 5- to 6-ounce fruit a year, with skin of cream blushed with red. (There is a nectarine in the breeding!) It likes things a bit on the dry side, so don't over-feed it or it will grow quickly but not strongly. Reaching 10 to 12 feet tall within 5 years of planting, it boasts a nice vase-like shape. What a good little tree for the front yard, the patio, or an accent in the back garden!

Developed by the Agriculture Research Service, Galaxy is self-pollinating, so it needs no second tree to fertilize its flowers. However, once you taste these delectable "peento" fruits, you'll probably be back for more next season! Zones 5-9. Sunset Western 2-11, 14-15, 18.