Infinite Gold Hybrid Cantaloupe Seeds

Terrific disease resistance means bigger yields every season!

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85 days from setting out transplants or 100 days for direct-sow.

Many cantaloupes claim to be the sweetest, but Infinite Gold Hybrid can prove it! This wonderfully aromatic, deep orange variety has the highest score ever achieved on the Brix sweetness scale -- an astounding 15! Add to that the succulent, juicy texture of this melon, and you know you are tasting the new gold standard in cantaloupes! And to think . . . you grew it yourself, and got a big harvest, too!

Infinite Gold Hybrid is one of those breakthrough varieties we are fortunate enough to see every once in a while: it's simply better in every way. Yes, the sugary bite is indescribably delicious, but some gardeners will want to grow it just for those reliably high yields. And how did that come about? Well, this plant stands up to three races of fusarium wilt (0-2) and to powdery mildew, which knocks out many a vulnerable cantaloupe plant. With disease-fighting power like this, you are going to get more fruit. Or, in the case of Infinite Gold Hybrid, many more fruit!

This is a midseason cantaloupe, not rushing to the finish but not overly long to mature, so it works in short-summer climates as well as warmer areas. The firm is round to oval, with dense netting and a nice thin rind. (A thin rind means more yummy flesh!) But that thinness doesn't mean less sun protection: Infinite Gold Hybrid holds very well, both in the field and after picking. You don't have to rush to harvest or eat it.

The aroma of a fresh-cut Infinite Gold Hybrid is unforgettable. It is often said that we eat with our eyes, but in this case, the nose has it! The flesh is dark orange and succulent, and it is no surprise to learn that Infinite Gold Hybrid has been winning taste tests ever since its introduction. It will be your favorite.

Infinite Gold is already getting a lot of attention on the west coast, where it was developed, but this adaptable plant can be grown anywhere. Give it sunshine and water; nature will do the rest!

Sow seeds directly in the garden after the soil is thoroughly warm or, for an even earlier harvest, start them indoors in pots. Set out 18 inches apart with 4 feet between each row, or plant in hills 4 feet apart, with 2 to 3 plants per hill. Cantaloupes are ready to harvest when the net begins to climb the stem. Packet is 10 seeds.